Coronavirus is not as deadly as Malaria and Typhiod – Seyi shay

Nigerian musician Seyi Shay has questioned the deaths caused by typhoid and malaria, and asked why people are worried about coronavirus.

He also asked why coronavirus is being treated urgently by the government while ignoring the harm caused by typhoid and malaria.

Her Tweet reads:
“So wait… is corona virus more deadly than malaria? And why cant our government do something about malaria and Typhoid that people seem to be getting every week out here? Or is that just a WHOOOOLE ‘nother story??

“Ok, so its contagious BUT is it more deadly? This one that everyone is forgetting that people have been and are still dying from Malaria and typhoid… daily! #jedimindgames”

She also said that the virus is not as lethal as normal flu;

“Im also saying that Covid-19 is apparently NOT even as deadly as common influenza to the average healthy person ! But u will not go and study, reserach, seek knowledge listen to real fucking news! Just jumping on wagons and excited to be a part of ‘Jedi mind tricks’ awon werey!”, she compose.